17th MVK Turkish Amateur Champions are Hrinda and Guseva …

The champion amongst men’s category is determined at the end of a play off between Alexey Karasev from Russia and Jakub Hrinda from Slovakia who played both 285 strokes in total (-3).


At the end of the play off in 18th hole , Hrinda is the champion in men’s category. Nataliya Guseva from Russia played 281 strokes in total (-7) being the champion in women’s category.


Jakub  Hrinda will receive an invitation to play at the 2019 Turkish Airlines Challenge provided he meets criterias requested by the Challenge Tour.


In men’s category Alexey Karasev from Russia played 285 strokes (-3) being the runner up ,Andreas Hillersborg from Denmark and Leon Açıkalın from Turkish National Team played 286 strokes in total(-2) and shared the third place. 

In women’s category ;Line Toft Hansen from Denmark played 284 strokes in total (-4) being the runner up,and Gile Bite Starbuke from Lithuania played 286 strokes in total (-2) and is in the third place .


The prize giving ceremony took place just after the final round .The prizes are presented to the champions by Turkish Airlines Antalya District manager Mustafa Tez and  TGF Board Member  Alper Alp .


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